• Software Product Development
    Conducting surveys of customer's business processes to the project Assess the extent and scope of the project, work planning Collecting scope management project requirements Preparation of concepts for customer requirements, coordination and evaluation of future works Documentation requirements and assignment of tasks to developers Decomposition of requirements and allocation of tasks to the analysts Planning and solving production problems in the development of application Interaction with the various divisions of the customer at the harmonization of requirements
  • QA
    Automated software testing is a software testing process in which the basic functions and test steps, such as starting, initializing, executing, analyzing and outputting the result, are performed automatically using tools for automated testing. In turn, our tools for automated testing is software through which you create, debug, execute, and analyze the results of running test scripts (Test Scripts are sets of instructions for automatically verifying a certain piece of software). Testing of software systems consists of dynamic verification of the behavior of programs on a finite set of tests. In this case, the tests are selected from the commonly performed actions of the application area and provide a check of compliance with the expected behavior of the system.